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  1. The links are on the first page. Android users just have to install the a.p.k. Pc users have to replace their files with the files the download link gives.
  2. AoH2 Discord https://discord.gg/ej2a75zUcA
  3. The flag effect has been changed. Also if you look at the left image you'll notice thag part of the flag was cut off, that has also been fixed by adding a border around all flag image files. The flag in-game New icons The colour pallet of the German sphere has also been changed to make it easier to differentiate between the RK's territories. Old New
  4. I am thinking of changing the game font. Any suggestions? So far I have seen this font that I like.
  5. The event adds a core of a nation with the desired person as its leader and changes that nations ideology to that of the original nation. The event description tells the player to release themselves as a vassal. After a turn or two an event triggers that gives you all your territories back.
  6. The next mod update will be released by May 15.
  7. This was an oversight which went unnoticed due to the ridiculous number of times their ai loses to Omsk. Tyumen will be getting a few more events to let them unify West Siberia and an event for Khrushchev taking over. No 5 Year Plans or USSR though (they will probably get USSR as a formable nation though). Same goes for Sverdlovsk, they'll get option to switch to Batov or Yeltsin.
  8. I am working on warlords but right now Tomsk is being focused on. The most Mikhail will get anytime soon are events to form the regional and national version of his empire and some balancing in the Far East region’s unification wars.
  9. Here is a list of RFK's focus tree event's descriptions in case you were wondering how many focus tree events he will have and why this update is taking time (apart from the month long break due to exams).
  10. I decided to keep the chance of Moskowien collapse low since that is how it is in TNO right now. The next major update of HOI4 TNO (which should be a few weeks away at most) is changing Moskowien a lot so I won't be making any changes to Moskowien till that is released. The Radio Slience idea does seem good, although I don't think it will be necessary to give them 100 relations with everyone as they would probably be a temporary country which will get replaced by post taboritsky warlords after a few turns.
  11. The post moskowien collapse warlords are already in the mod. Moskowien doesn't collapse most of the time though, they go for a two state solution instead, which is why you may have not seen it.
  12. It takes some turns for the civil war to begin although if it doesn't work then its probably a bug. Usually releasing yourself (by clicking on play as released vassal) as one of the candidates is all you need to do. Despotism is a government type generally used by dictators or someone with absolute authority who doesn't any strong inclination towards the far right or far left.
  13. You are meant to replace regular AoH2’s files with the ones in the zip. Ignore the exe.
  14. Change the date of fuhrer is dead event by 10 days. It will be fixed in the next update. I hadn’t realised it in the previous one since I was playing as Germany while testing.
  15. Yes. Regional unification events for all the successors of Pasternak and special events for Modernists.
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