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  1. Znajdź oficjalny wątek w wersji angielskiej, sam Łukasz Jakowski dał na forum
  2. One time, in the Victorian Era scenario, I got Russian Empire to be in my alliance. I was playing as Cracow, trying to do Intermarium.
  3. Try to dominate all of southern Atlantic
  4. heroder55

    Editing years

    Try changing the map to AoC2 Map from the test one
  5. I see you don't like mapping the HRE. As for now, it looks too powerful.
  6. I once saw on India-Chinese border about 20 new countries
  7. heroder55

    Editing years

    You can't do this in an existing game. You can always start a new game.
  8. heroder55


    ale czego tekstury? / what resources?
  9. It is easy even though you have to assimilate a lot
  10. Zmień pliki gry z tych z Addon+ na te które zapisałeś wcześniej w innym miejscu. Przynajmniej mam nadzieję że tak zrobiłeś.
  11. Austria is in HRE and it's pretty good
  12. heroder55

    Moon Map Project

    But some areas on moon are called seas and oceans
  13. search for "europe map high res"
  14. He probably means more -> and then a new modded building. I don't think he means wonders or forts.
  15. Why the heck are all of these field required? Btw, I am from Poland.
  16. What do you mean? His question is very clear. He doesn't know how to make new buildings.
  17. For me they won't trade even non-cores
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