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  1. Hello He is currently working on the script "ALTERNATIVE WORLD AFTER WORLD WAR II". I have some ideas, but if you have any, write boldly. Also if you have ideas for events, write also. Sorry for my english 馃榾
  2. Alternative 2050 [LINK] modernworld.rar
  3. Alternativ 2050 [LINK] North America 1. The US has broken up into 50 countries. 2. Iceland annexed Greenland. 3. Mexico has annexed all other North American countries. South America 1. Only Chille, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro remained on the continent. 2. Rio de Janeiro regains its independence. 3. Cuba has annexed all the islands around her. Africa 1. Large countries have merged into the African Union. 2. Algeria, Egypt, the African Union, Nigeria, Madagascar and South Africa remained on the continent. Europe 1. Regained independence: Astu
  4. Ameryka p贸艂nocna 1. USA rozpad艂y si臋 na 50 kraj贸w. 2. Islandia unicestwiona na Grenlandii. 3. Meksyk zaanektowa艂 wszystkie kraje Ameryki P贸艂nocnej. 4. Kuba zaanektowa艂a wszystkie wyspy wok贸艂 niej. 5. W Ameryce Po艂udniowej dotyczy tylko Chille i Brazylia. Ameryka Po艂udniowa 1. Tylko Chille, Brazylia i Rio de Janeiro u偶ywane na kontynencie. 2. Rio de Janeiro odzyskuje niepodleg艂o艣膰. Afryka 1. Du偶e kraje jest zjednoczonych w Unii Afryka艅skiej. 2. Algieria, Egipt, Unia Afryka艅ska, Nigeria, Madagaskar i Republika Po艂udniowej Afryki pozosta艂a na kontynenc
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