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  1. Thank you sir for solving my issue, i hope you have a nice day
  2. Every time i write an long event description the text get out of the screen and i can't see it, is there an way to solve this issue?
  3. I want to make it Ai Aggressiveness 0%, how do i edit it?
  4. Hello, i'm the guy who created the TNO mod in AoC2, i'm just here to say thank you for creating a bigger and better version of my shitty mod and also, have nice day❤️ If you're asking, why i'm not re-uploading the mod, it because i'm no longer interested with the game and i only played AoC2 because i didn't had at the time HOI4 Any type of questions are welcome (Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language)
  5. How do i create an event that gets activated when the country annex a territory?
  6. some suggestions: Fall of Italian Monarchy, Malayan Emergency / Malayan Civil War, American Elections, Ukranian Insurgence, Cuban Revolution, French Elections, British Elections, Death os Stalin, Re-Unification of Austria, Chinese Cultural Revolution, Etc.
  7. Every time i try to take a screenshot it show an image of the Menu instead
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