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  1. Hey i started playing in pc, and because i dont have any save right now. Can i just download and not delete anything?
  2. Missing scenario: Ancient Greece Napoleonic Wars 1792 Victorian Era After digging the game file, i found that is actually there but the name are string of number and random letter. How i restore it?
  3. (Sorry about my grammar) I am in road to create German Empire in 16th Century (Starting at 1440 scenario) and my game just stuck in the road because Savoy doesn't want to trade best deal they would have (I have declared war with them, and i bored to wait for a long turn). The deal: 300k+ Gold, 1 Province (They literall capital that i took), and Military access (They're in war with Hungary) What i wanted: ONE PROVINCE IN SOON REICHLAND ELAß-LOTHRINGEN
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