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  1. Hanger

    Natives technology

    I did reinstalled but it didn't worked
  2. Hanger

    Natives technology

    Later it starts colonizing like mapuche it's really annoying
  3. Hanger

    Natives technology

    I encountered very annoying bug when the tribal nation conquers other province it starts getting 0.42 technology every turn and after 4 turns it has 2.0 tech more than civilized.
  4. So i tried installing formable nations to my mobile age of civilizations and I found folder the formable nations I liked but when I extracted every formable nation file into formable_civs it doesn't show up in game anyone help?
  5. So I just installed formable nations into the files on phone into a formable_civs but when I start game it doesn't show anything like it even exists anyone help?
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