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  1. Hey Łukas! It would be cool If there could be more commands in the game! Like to: Start a revolution in a country Increase the Diplo. points instead of just 0.4 And more! xD Best regrets ~AreenLord.
  2. Dear Emperors! I want to start making a new scenario and I want your ideas! Tell me which scenario would you like or think would be cool? Just reply and if your idea is already there just upvote it! Your Emperor -AreenLord.
  3. Hey Guys!

    I'm just an new emperor on this juicy made web page by Łukas. I m very excited about your creations, I'd waiting so long for this, hopefully there will be good maps where I can conquer on!

    Your Emperor




  4. I would say, a minimalistic modern forum?! Where are only colours that are not to strong and are satisfying... (for example: grey, light blue...) Also maybe If you have java experience then you could build in some juicy animations to the icons... just an idea..
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