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  1. Western treaty alliance or More well known as the Warsaw pact
  2. Ideology change and annexing former lands and maybe a return of wto
  3. So I played sand box mode for the first time OMG it's so much fun I am playing as Germany in ww2 who is the most fun to play as in sand box

  4. How about a civil war in Bolivia communists fascists and republicans
  5. I'm excited about this the date of the world mod was disappointing so I'm excited
  6. Great map if the person who created this sees this message me


  7. Civil War Europe 2030 Scenario




  8. I was thinking Would any of you be interested in me posting story's of me playing though a scenario

  9. I was playing 1200s and Formed Great Britain by 1211

    1. Barron


      Nice job.


  10. You all can use this for your maps
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