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  1. That March release seems strange to be put in that website without strong evidence but it may come out turning to be accurate after the the upcoming months who knows?
  2. One user on twitter once asked Lukasz if his iPhone 6s could run AoC ll in his phone and he said it needs higher GB ram. I’m not an expert at this however I would do a quick guess by saying s7 would already be enough to run it better with no issues to struggle with with a smooth gameplay for the future when it gets released on IOS. (Surprising fact: Without expecting it to work I was actually able to install the game on my dads old Alcatel one which I don’t have anymore but I can tell that when i got it with free --- the installation took so long and often kept crashing before eve
  3. Yeah of course it can surely be frustrating for someone to work on a device of apple if He/She didn’t use it before thats a fact in the first place, yet the features aren’t that different from Android either maybe except the publishing of the game and how it goes which probably can be different from that of iOS thus I do understand that and am fine with it. You or me talking in this forum doesn’t change anything about making the version release faster so I agree with your point you made but the players are the ones playing and developers the ones who make. Ignoring the game and being calm with
  4. Dude the game doesn’t look as buggy as you think it does on other DEVICES ! ! ! I think those bugs are normal ones and will not cause any heavy issue of playing, he just didn’t succeed in his promise and now he says 2019 out of nowhere ! First I was like the game would come out in this month and now THIS ? ! Why
  5. He was supposed to have this done in December and now I have wasted all my years waiting in colds and now he says 2019?.? . ? Are you a simple joke or do you wanna kill me by spending my life ? Or both of them ?
  6. Yeah he will release what a joke...... he won’t release in 2019 keep that in mind. Not in any kind of way it’s a propaganda in internet posts.
  7. No there is no February or March or August whatsoever it is. You are just going to release before 15th January because you are developer and not a marathon runner. You took this much longer than Android and what kind of problems is this? It can be fixed in just a few days and ASAP means few days and not MONTHS like you did back in 2017 and released in 2018 November for pc which took longer than A YEAR. Be a serious one and keep your promises in a manly way and do not refuse them alright?
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