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  1. 4 scenarios Forest Brothers The Italian Divisione Yugoslavian Civil War (1942) Italo - Turkish War UPDATE 17/02/2019 WW1 Eastern Front Russo-Japanese war Winter War DOWNLOAD: History Battles.rar
  2. Scrivete qui i vostri Pro ed i vostro Contro nel gioco.
  3. GREAT! I already added some nations like the Mujahedin in Afganistan and some nation/movements in the 2nd Congo War. You can take the map, and some putted from here. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8p5k8fu9nb982ll/Y2K+mod.zip
  4. The map is already done, i need someone who will make the events in the game. Or someone that can make nations (like the UNITA in Angola, The Mujahedin in Afganista and Al-Queida in Yemen ecc:.). So the questions are if you can make the scenarios or the nations. Obviously i will help you sending you the flags for the nation or a help in the cration of the events
  5. 4 scenarios Forest Brothers The Italian Divisione Yugoslavian Civil War (1942) Italo - Turkish War LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b524p6uu9krz4x0/Nuovo+Archivio+WinRAR.rar If you have some conflict you want to play say it in the comments and i will put it in the next update!
  6. Y2K "The New Order" (Work in Progress) The mod is about the year 2000, a year full of changes but not so considerated, and i'm here to give the good old 2000 his respect. What will be included in the mod? Exculding historical nations (Like Serbian and Montenegro, Checnya ecc:.), i will try to add events giving the player the choiche for an Alternate History. I need help for the mod Doing this won't be easy alone, so if anyone wanna help me in the creation of the mod (In particular the Events) can message me on Discord Eisenherz#1991.
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    Beh, dovremmo accumulare dei membri prima qui.
  8. nope, sorry. but in poor words i create an event with everything. but when the date came nothing happen
  9. Eisenherz

    Flag Competition

    A Contest huh? Well, so then let me serve you my flags.
  10. When i made with the editor some events it seems all ok, but when i play the scenario where i put the events they never appears. You have a reason why they don't start?
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    Non sapevo ci fossero degli italiani su questo server, pensavo d'esser l'unico, o al massimo in 2. ma comunque BENVENUTI!
  12. Lore: It's the 2030 and in the USA the political division becamed daily bread for the population. USA : The nation suffered internal crisis due to debts and a political division in the parliament, the decision of the president doesn't make it easy. The extremist part of the parliament allied with the army decide do coup the actual government. New American Government: Born to Overthrow the already existent american government, the NAG allied with the National Guard of the USA and in few weeks occupied a quarter of the nation, the NAG get supported by 3rd positionist and the Right
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    BENVENUTI Questa è la "sala" italiana della community di AoC2. Qui parleremo di cose riguardanti il gioco.
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