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  1. Love the map, Btw could you add custom symbols for the custom flag of creating a new nation that reflects the elder scrolls?
  2. Nomad14

    Map acting off

    I was playing Age of Elder Scrolls and was using a version before the Europe Map. I doubt the mod caused this and how i finally just got it after years of playing this game and a long time playing this mod makes me think its also in the base game. It disorts country borders and turns the map very red. Also it flashes black and the map being red. The map image that isnt red was during when i started a game and thought exiting out would fix it and later caused the map to go crazy.
  3. Nomad14

    AOC2 PC still Alive?

    Even though the game needs bugfixes, I still enjoy the game and can sympathize with this data.
  4. In a way, multiplayer for age of civilizations 2 steam version already exists. Just pop open play together, so there isnt really a need for the many multiplayer posts
  5. This never happened to me, but if it makes you feel better, trade china, india, kazakstan, and other nations 1 gold if they war Russia. Russia could win but they will likely revolt so hard
  6. Nomad14

    1900 Scenario

    I have an idea to stop germany from going weimar, make a new german country in the editor. If you dont let it form, then it cannot form. You will need to copy the files of new new country though also anti, calm down. If you want to see a bad map go to world conqueror 1945, world conqueror 2, world conqueror 3, and world conqueror 4
  7. I will give spain their origional colonies in the next update. also its not done. I want to make an event that causes decolonization in africa where it can be done with blood or it could be done peacefully. I dont want to give spain more land because they never wanted to fight in the war because of reparations from the civil war. I also need to check the islands to find any not owned.
  8. Two states are in Europe near Crimea are tagged with being in Asia. This gets annoying when trying to make a custom scenario. also a random heads up, in the scenario 5 and maybe in a few other scenarios, Dacia and the Sarmatians are blocked by a wasteland province next to balti and Okny.
  9. In an alternative universe, Hitler had managed to conquer the world. In 1939, Japan wanted to crush China. The USA felt like the allies were a lost cause and didn't want to suffer from not having funds to fight the great depression. Japan managed to win in china and declare war on the allies. The allies losing in Europe had no other way out but to evacuate the units from Asia and bring them to Europe to save their country. In the aftermath, India managed to gain independence and hates Britain for abandoning them. In 1939, Germany declared war on Poland and the allies. In 1940, U
  10. almost every game for me, the german empire changes to weimar germany on turn 1
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