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  1. For some reason I added a temporal link instead of a permanent one. It should now be fixed.
  2. Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Dev-Diary of our mod. It tries to settle a bit about the area and explains how we work with some things in the game. It may be a little too long, but I hope you enjoy it. If you want to see more about the development, you can also visit our discord channel (I fixed the link in the opening topic): https://discord.gg/FNVgp5ZDtR There's a lot of info in our research channel there, so you can see an even more in-depth look at our sources. SOUTHERN CAUCASUS/TRANSCAUCASIA DEV-DIARY: Nations at the start date. For more details about t
  3. Sorry for posting again (like for the third time in a row) hahaha. Well, I finally figured out how to make polls in the forum threads, so people who don't want to/can't join the discord, can also express their decisions. To not make this post another useless "notice", I wanted to announce that we will soon try to bring a "teaser" which considers the Remake of the Caucasus Region Provinces. I'll probably post a more complete one here in the forum, but I'll try to put some teasers before in the discord. Anyways, I thank everyone for reading this, and I hope that we will be
  4. IMPORTANT TOPIC – VOTING: We were discussing some things within the dev circle, and since we deemed it as an important decision, we agreed that the best way to resolve it would be to reach out to the players for a more democratic resolution. The decision itself refers to, “What system of ideologies/government types should we use”. This became a topic of disagreement because, on one hand, simplicity could work better in the mod (meaning less ideologies, which could lead to underrepresentation), but on the other hand, some government types could be better as being “specified out” from
  5. Regarding this: Good News Everyone! Lipark's mod "Age of Victoria" and our mod "Ad Nova Aurora" have been unified!! With this union (and with a modder as good as @Lipark Japanese modder being part of the project), we plan to bring even more content to the game, for everyone to enjoy!
  6. Of course! Developing with such a good modder as you would be an honor! At some point I even hesitated to post this mod at first because I wondered if you were going to continue or not with your "Age of Victoria" mod hahaha. If you want to, you can contact me on discord, so we can discuss it in a more detailed way. Thanks as always for the support! 😄
  7. AD NOVA AURORA is a “Victorian Era” based scenario, which will try to include different polities which existed during said time period. From the renewed map of Post Napoleonic Europe, to the fairly recent Latin American republics, and from the Great Plains of the Midwest North America, to the princely states of India. A world full of possibilities, situated just at the dawn of a new era, with the rise of nationalism, colonization and new political ideologies. The difference between this version, and the previous one I made in the “scenarios” category (and the Conqueror’s scenario too), is
  8. Yeah, there's a lot of interesting things to cover too! And a lot of potential alternative paths for different countries. But as I said before, we are focusing on a lot of different things (provinces, new civs, more flags for ideologies, researching topic, etc), and at the same time our team is quite small. So things make take some time (at some point we may need to recruit more members...and open that discord server that I've been talking about since past year).
  9. It looks really good! The color palette really helps with bringing that HOI4 like atmosphere to the scenario. I wonder if some nations will have some custom alternate history paths. Anyways, nice job overall.
  10. We may do a 1890 scenario (something related to the "Road to the Sino-Japanese War", with added flavor like the Chilean Civil War, the Aceh War, the Consoladation of the Colonies in Africa, and that kind of stuff). But we are first sorting through some other problems and details. In respect to the 1757 scenario: I don't think we'll do anything from previous to 1815 (congress of Vienna), since its out of the scope of this mod (the victorian era). Considering that previous statement (and I think I have said it before), but: We will mostly focus over the 1830 start date first, But we may inc
  11. Hey, We made it to over 20,000 views 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks to everyone that has been following this mod, I'd write some more things, but since this is just an edit after of a post I already made, I'll probably leave those words for some other moment. Still, I know that 20,000 isn't really a great number, but for a small mod such as this, It means a lot! Again, I thank everyone for your support, and I'm glad that people are still enjoying the work our team is making for AoH2. We could do it, but (personally) I don't think that I want to take too much stuff from Victoria 2...and to b
  12. It was a small error I made while editing the response hahaha. But don't worry, the name is spelt correctly in the mod.
  13. The "Flag Expansion" will be included in the next version of this mod. The flags in question were made for this Conqueror's II port (if you want to see all of them, you can download it from the thread I left above...and it seems that the scenario will also be included in their 1.5 update), but they'll obviously be included in our own mod too hahaha. As a teaser, here are some of them: Frankfurt- Communism Russia - Republic Segu - Nationalism Imperial Court in Kyoto - City State Morocco - Fascism Coahuila and Texas - Monarchy Oldenburg - Fascism
  14. Well, hello again! Long time no see, huh? Thanks to a comment made by @Simon Wilford, we ended up with this “unexpected collaboration” in our hands hahaha. This isn’t a copy and paste of the original scenario for “Addon+”, but rather an “adaptation”, since they have some little interesting differences. On one hand, the original had more flags, since addon+ has more ideologies, but to keep the spirit of the scenario, I “curated” the flags that I thought that stood out the most (this also means that some civs have flags and somewhat different names for basically every ideology).
  15. Remember this 👀 ? Well, if you haven’t seen my previous statement (or the collaboration at all), you can read about it here: But yeah, the Conqueror’s II port is a little different to the current beta state of this mod/scenario. I got to also thank you all for some of the corrections. I changed the flags of Entre Rios and Misiones for the ones that @WorldStadiums sent in this thread ( I think that you can see them in page 4). I also fixed a lot of German states flags, with the ones that @Duchy of Darkis and Fungus had correct me with..I also went an “extra mile” w
  16. In the game folder, you should be able to find the "map" folder. There, you have to go into the correspondent map folder you are searching for (the "vanilla" one being obviously "Earth", but for example, you could also acces "Kepler" from here). Go then to the folder called "cities". There should be 6 "json" files there, five called "cities" and one called "mountains". Open any of them with a text editor, and the names and cordinates of some cities will appear (as far as I know, the contents of each file aren't grouped by any real standard. For example, the "cities.json" file at first loo
  17. Hello, and sorry for not posting earlier (again). I don't really have much to say as of now...since I was occupied with a certain "side project” (that I won't spoil until the moment comes). ...But this reply is not related to that, but rather to the future of this mod. I'll start with answering the question that has somewhat surfaced during this last month: “Will there be more scenarios”, and although @Commieslav has answered it before (I think that I mentioned earlier, but he is the spokesperson of our modding group), but since It also serves as a way to clarify some things, I'll do
  18. Hello, and welcome to the second entry of “To-Fix”, where I explain different aspects of the errors, plans, and some more about this scenario and the future of it as a mod. A. Central America and the Caribbean: This part of the Americas is really beautiful place, ain’t it? Although I have to admit that I’m somewhat ignorant of some parts of its history (I have more of a “general view” of somethings, but ignorant of others…so if you know some more, feel free to correct me). But I’ll try my best to address some things here. - Belize’s name will be change
  19. Hello everyone, I’m back again to answer some comments (while I, as always, apologize for my delayed response). If you want to see some "notes" about the scenarios, go down the responses, until you see the maps Some short responses: I'm glad that you now can enjoy the mod without more problems. And to respond to your question below: We plan to add events, but not for the scenario version (when the team decides that its the moment to open our thread in the mod section we will explain a bit of this). The mod version will include events that we are currently deciding (as @Commi
  20. Thanks for uploading the UI! I was wondering why the Addon+ UI was appearing in the mod. I haven't tried it yet, but I congratulate you for your work in this modification.
  21. Sorry for the late responses. Glad you are enjoying the mod, although with some problems it seems haha. I tested if there were any bugs with Teke or something, but nothing popped up, so maybe it was a problem with your device? Also, it also looks like it ended up fixing itself, or did you do something to fix it? Eh...no... I haven't really advanced in the other scenarios, but in my defence, it was because I first needed to add a lot of civs to the game, to be able to complete the following scenarios. I'm also not sure if I'll release them with these sce
  22. Final map for this version of the scenario, direct screenshot from the android port. So yeah, it’s finally here. The “Victorian Age” Scenario’s beta version. The first release of “Dawn of A New Era”. A scenario that I lost its progress, either partially or totally, at least two times before, and which has changed quite a bit during its development. DOWNLOAD HERE (for android): https://drive.google.com/file/d/17Ik8gs7n7Xb5j8ApQtrLHaVL162b0Z8_/view?usp=sharing Some of the features of this beta version: - A ton of nations from which to choose from, with al
  23. After all this time, I thought that this mod was dead. Glad to see I was wrong hahaha. I hope to soon see the fruits of your work, and the way you hype it up with how ambitious it is already excites me. In the end, I'm sure that you'll bring even more things to an already fantastic mod, and I congratulate you for your work! Have a nice day!
  24. Well, I'm still balancing things out (trying to get the EIC and the Dutch East India Company, to not brake free so easily), and fixing some minor bugs (for example, there were some civs that although they had a "civ" file, you couldn't find them while searching them in game). I added some more formable nations, and kept the previous ones from Addon+ (though for the real release I won't keep them), and even replaced some old nations with newer versions (mostly some chinese vassal states). Also, I want to state that this beta is a somewhat "bare-bones" version of the scenario, but I wanted
  25. Amazing job with the Muscowien Collapse! Also, the new UI looks incredible too! Congratulations, and I wanted to say that your work with this mod is marvellous! Please keep up bringing good content to this community!
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