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  1. I have officially decided to abandon the Operation Barbarossa scenario because I am no longer working on it. I am sorry, but I am abandoning it, and will not be uploading it. - Anonymousss
  2. okay.. but be sure to include a .zip file.
  3. Picture of Civil War 1575648395155amylctvo.zip .zip file comm.zip the country file for The Communist States of America (If its wrong, please let me know!!) So yea I decided to create a 2nd American Civil War. Enjoy!! 😁
  4. I have decided that to add a French Civil War scenario since one never really happened. It is Fascists vs Republicans. Here is the Picture. And here is the download. 1574656112229fqhvhgvd.zip Edit: Please don't download it yet, I forgot to make them at war. Edit: You may download it now.
  5. Hey.. not bad. 👍 But could you maybe make a .zip file? Thanks! 😊
  6. The Year is 2564. The time machine has just been invented, and governments around the world are testing them out. However, things will go seriously wrong as it collides with the date of around 900-1200 and messes up two universes, which seriously messes up history.. Note: I did this in like 30 minutes or something so it may be unrealistic but WHATEVER. This is the Map and Download 2564.zip
  7. I am still working on the Operation Barbarossa. This is what it looks like as of under construction. When it is finished, please notify me of anything I left out and I will update it.. thank you!!
  8. Hey, not that bad, I guess I could try it out. Nice work m8! I am working on a LARGE project on the day before Operation Barbarossa (Worldwide, the day is June 21.)
  9. Okay, so, about the fascist world, I will not be uploading it because I had to reset my computer (lose EVERYTHING and get my games back.) so that means that everything I made is gone, and I am too lazy to start over, and also someone already made the fascist world. (NO I DID NOT COPY IT, I DIDNT KNOW UNTIL LATER) and so I decided to make a new Scenario. Operation Barbarossa.
  10. Yup, inspired by Drew Durnil (IDK how you say it but he plays games like HOI4, AOC2, EU4, Victoria 2, etc.)
  11. Hi all, as I am typing this and posting it, I am making a new scenario, so be prepared for the new scenario, "Modern World, but everything is fascist". That's right, it is exactly what you heard. Its basically the modern world, and nothing has changed. Except for the fact that every country you see is fascist. (Note: I had to make a new North Korea because once I put South Korea as fascist and went up north, they are apparently suppose to also be Fascist South Korea, so you will have to download the new Fascist North Korea as well.)
  12. Not sure how to mod though. Nor am I sure how to download a mod. Can you tell me the persons username?
  13. I am sorry, there is nothing I can do about it. Edit: I think I know what I did wrong and it might help you, I accidentally said "Earth_AoCI" in "Steam >> Library >> Age of Civilizations II >> Properties >> Local Files >> Browse Local Files >> Map >> Earth_AoC1 >> Scenarios" instead of just "Earth". Found it out on Gylala channel.
  14. (I made this up, but whatever) In this universe, the Slavs in Europe are wiped out (The Nazi's actually sent Slavs to Prison camps as they were part of Hitlers "Undesirables") and the remaining Slavs live in Siberia, and Germany sends other minorities to Fascist Ruski, also, the government is different so that means that technically, Fascist Ruski is allies with Germany.
  15. Done, except that I forgot to give Crimea some black sea access, and I am too lazy to fix. But I shouted you out, and I hope you enjoy the new update to my Alternate Axis Victory!
  16. You have to download the scenario, open up steam (If on PC) and browse the server files until you get to a folder called "Scenarios", click on the folder and drag my scenario in there. Its like this: Steam >> Library >> Age of Civilizations II >> Properties >> Local Files >> Browse Local Files >> Map >> Earth_AoC1 >> Scenarios If you still don't know how to do it, open up a tutorial on YouTube.
  17. This update was suggested by Nizar Producciones. Big thanks to him. Anyways, this is an updated version to where I added a few improvements such as a fascist middle eastern country, Spain gets more colonies, and Japan gets a little more land. I hope you like it. This is the updated map. This is the download. I I I
  18. Okay, I will. (And a few other changes. such as Norway.) Also, Turkey joined the war at the end of it (a.k.a Endsieg) So I would suggest that Neo-Roma keep Turkey. I am working on it right now and just about everything. Once again, thanks for the improvements and suggestions!
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