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  1. A quick run I did 'cause I was bored.
  2. You've done a great job with this mod! It's one of (if not THE) the best AoC2 mod out there.
  3. To guarantee the independence of a nation means that if that country gets attacked, the nation you're leading will join to help the defending country.
  4. A campaign made to reform the German Confederation (2018-2035).
  5. Why not? I'll try it for my next campaign.
  6. This was my first campaign, done as Milan in 1440. The initial goal was to unify Italy (Including Istria and South Tyrol) and then annex some more territories (such as those 3 provinces in Africa and Corsica and the American colonies). I decided to finish this campaign in 1513 'cause it was boring to keep clicking the "Colonize" button over and over again.
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