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  1. Ahhh,ok,muchas gracias por aclarar mis dudas 😉
  2. Ni idea,yo como veo que hay posts que van en broma y eso,pues pensé que se podía poner,pero si veo que no está permitido,lo borro inmediatamente.
  3. Por cierto,viendo todos los posts de subforos de habla no inglesa,somos el segundo con más posts XD.
  4. Pues nada, me aburría y solo quería saber de qué países sois jejeje (Yo soy de España)
  5. Hi, I did this scenario of the Spanish-American War (1898) I added two new leaders: The USA president William Mckinley and the regent queen of Spain Maria Christina. Credits to krauser3ful for copy my scenario on pc, (I am from android) add leader images and send me the rar archive. I hope you enjoy the scenario! Spanish-American War.rar Update 26/03/2019: When I finished the scenario, I was happy with my work and I though that I have done it the best way at doing and I wouldn't make more scenarios about this war, but suddenly I saw a video of the war "every day"
  6. I add that I don't recognise the Republic of Crimea (I think that's only the russian expansion) but I wanted to do this leaders and maps because I am so interested in this conflict. 🙂
  7. I have seen that Lukasz has added the Crimea peninsula as a part of Ucrania, when the Crimea peninsula is now under Russian occupation (Republic of Crimea) so I decided make some scenarios and leaders about the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Some new things: -Leader of Ucrania during the provisional government during the Crisis of Crimea of 2014 (Arseni Yatseniuk) -The Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Serguei Aksionov. -Scenario of the Crisis of Crimea (2014) In this scenario, I added the Republic of Crimea as a vassal state of Russia with the best
  8. Como dije en el post (pero en inglés) al ser de android no puedo compartir links,en cuanto añadan la 'store',lo subiré para que la gente lo pueda jugar.
  9. Yeah, I think in add Mauritania because they also participated against Spain and Marocco, what do you think?
  10. Como dije en el post (aunque en inglés) al ser de android no puedo compartirlo,en cuanto se añada la 'store' lo compartiré.
  11. Lucas L


    ¡Muchas gracias! me metí ya hace casi una semana,pero no suelo comentar ni postear mucho.
  12. Hi, I did a scenario of the Green March in 1975 (The conflict of Spain, Morocco and Mauritania for the Western Sahara) I know that Francisco Franco was in Madrid close to dead, but he was alive during the conflict, so he theoretically was the leader of Spain (Juan Carlos I was the head of state in the practice). I added Hassan II, the king of Morocco in the Green March. And I also added Moktar Ould Dabbah, the ''president'' (he was a dictator in the practice) of Mauritania during the Green March. This was so easy to make, but I can't share it until Workshop arrives because I'm from andro
  13. Eu non son português,son galego no noroeste de Espanha,e aínda que son da comunidade espanhola deste xogo e non quero molestar,teño amigos portugueses e sempre dicen que o galego é moi parecido ao português.Por eso tiña interese en preguntarvos se podedes entenderme,xa que quería ver se o que dicen meus amigos ten algo de certeza.Moitas grazas!
  14. Hi, I did this scenario of Europe in august of 1939. It's the same map that World War II, but with some little changes: -Germany has conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia (Slovakia is a vassal state) -Francisco Franco is the leader of Spain. -Italy has conquered Albania. -Territories like Greenland, Svalvard and Franz Joseph Land are added in this scenario. -Defensive pacts: If you attack Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, France or UK, these countries will attack you because of the defensive pacts (I didn't add Poland because the war against the allies didn't really beg
  15. Update 25/03/2019: Well, I'm a fan of The Handmaid's Tale, and I started to investigate some maps of the geopolitic of the serie. Finally, I picked some of them and I started to create my scenario. I'm from android and I can' t share a download link, but I can show you the final version of the scenario. There are five civilizations: The Republic of Gilead, Mayday (''rebels'') The USA government in Hawaii and Alaska, Mexico and Canada. The Republic of Gilead is a fascist state, Mexico and USA government are republics, and Canada and Mayday are democracies. Obviously, the "rebels", the
  16. Hi, I made some scenarios of the Spanish Civil War (I’m Spanish) because they are very easy to do, but I'm from Android and I can' t share them until the Workshop arrives. About technology: in all the scenarios, the two civilizations have the standard technology level, 0,45. Update 25/03/2019: -Now, there are 6 scenarios: (In cronological order): august 1 of 1936, august 19 of 1936, may 1 of 1937, november 1 of 1937, july 1 of 1938 and march 1 of 1939. -Added Spanish colonies: Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Sahara (However, they are territories with little importance in the
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