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  1. I will update it until I have ideas for this mod and wish to do it
  2. 5 new local scenarios and 26 new formable civs (254 in total) War of Succession Reman's Blackmarsh Campaign Tiber's Hammerfell Campaign Stormcrown Interregnum Argonian Tribes
  3. In my headcanon Tsaesci are snake-men and Akaviri are humans with asian appearance
  4. Unfortunately, new map didn't solve "black background" problem for androids with 4-core processors :c
  5. Update for the mod Age of Elder Scrolls - 2.0 List of updates: -New main map - Nirn (4618 provinces, 228 formable civs, 61 scenarios); -More than 400 new civilizations (1407 in total); -Mechanics of the leaders remade under the "National bonuses" (156 in total); -"Tamriel" and "Simplified Tamriel" maps are cutted The modification contains the same changes in the code as in Bloody Europe II You can find download links at 1st page of this topic
  6. Probarly before September, but didn't promise
  7. Thanks to @Trans-Amur, AoES now have same code changes, that Bloody Europe II have Check this topic for more information about code changes - http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/186234-bloody-europe-ii-new-update
  8. If you installing mod for PC, you need to extract archive into clean (without other mods) original game folder with replacing everything. New version will have more easy installation
  9. Thanks to @Reich new map finally has a background :4)
  10. Feel free to suggest your ideas for this mod, especially for formable civilizations :4)
  11. Making formable civs, 117 ready, less than a half
  12. Suzema

    Through the Ages

    давай ураа давай давай
  13. "Remaded" rulers mechanic to "National bonuses", 96 bonuses are done, here some of it
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