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  1. This is problem of original game, I can't fix it
  2. Final number of provinces - 4434
  3. Land provinces is done - 4321 provs.
  4. This map has troubles for Androids (like black background), I remove it because of weight, maybe I will remake this map later
  5. 0.5* Count of min.army to attack province will increase from 10 to 500, maybe some new scenarios and form.civs, but it's all
  6. Well ok, now it's kinda stable 3857 provinces
  7. I wouldn't post here until it gets stable, like 3-4 days, anyway I finished Turkey and Caucasus
  8. Remaking Europe map with more provinces, 1213 prov. per 3 days
  9. Maybe trouble in that you on Android, I'll fix it in next update
  10. I deleted it and forgot to remake, you can do it by yourself, just go to map editor (in game), scroll down and find button "Generate suggested Civilizations"
  11. 1.Install MT Manager or other similar program for editing ----files; 2.Download the mod --- file and open it using the program 3. Go to the assets/map/backgrounds folder; 4. Find the BE_L and BE_R files and rename/delete them; 5. Choose from two backgrounds the one you want to put; 6. Rename this files to BE_L and BE_R; 7.Save and close the --- file; 8. Sign the ----file (Tap on the ----file-> Options-> Sign) 9. Install and run the mod.
  12. Update+bugfix for Bloody Europe II - 0.4.2 What is added / fixed: -Fixed a bug with freezing when creating a vassal (when you click on the "Choose Civilization" button); -Increased productivity on PC and Androids; -Added some "wonders" from the original game; -Increased music playlist (63, only PC); -Fixed diplomacy in 1918 scenario, added national provinces in the scenario of the Napoleonic Wars, expanded scenario of Ancient Greece; -New scenarios: The First Punic War, Apres Moi Le Deluge; -New formed civilizations for the scenario of the First Punic War; -2 new backgroun
  13. Yes, just rename, using MT manager
  14. Because this map didn't work correctly on androids and has big weight
  15. Made some new backgrounds, if you play at PC, you can choose one of these, just rename map that you need to BE_R and BE_L, for androids it needs MT Manager or similar programm I release it with the bugfix 0.4.2 soon
  16. Well, this problem is really exist, I find it and fix it, trouble was in bad Age_of_Civilizations file in "civilizations" folder, wait until I release 0.4.2
  17. I don't have this problem, so I can't solve it Anyway, you can't use search string, or crash is happened after you choose any civilization?
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