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  1. First version of the Bloody Europe II mod 0.1B(beta) is released! Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe, this mod is still a WIP, now there is no 10% from that all, what I want to make. In these mod, at this moment, is: -Ready map of Europe with 2637 provinces, 2479 is land provinces; -Some scenarios: 1200, 1440, 1914, 1939, Modern World and Ethnic Wars; -184 new civilizations -37 formable civilizations In the future versions is planned to add more countryes, formable civilizations, leaders and scenarios, make new icons, sounds and music... Do
  2. I've taken this map from one mod for EU4 and make some changes
  3. 1200 year scenario, all towns is done, 0.1B will be released in 13 June 2019
  4. 1440 scenario, 2049 towns is ready
  5. 3 new scenarios: 1914, Ethnic Wars and 1936
  6. Modern world scenario, 1243/2487 towns is ready
  7. -Connections of provinces, terrain types, growth rates, continents and regions are maded, starting to add towns on the map (every province will have at least one city)
  8. Provinces is finally done - 2638 provinces (2483 land prov.). Now I have many thing to do with map in game-editors, like towns and other
  9. 2266 provinces, the most part of the map is done
  10. Android version will be, I release it in one day with PC version
  11. All of this countries is here, but without Sealand (because Sealand in Medieval = wtf)
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