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  1. Because for some reason that's not possible. Would also be cool to create civilization vassals while in the peace deal.
  2. This game can be annoying and painful micro management hell hole for literally no reason. Disbanding all troops from each one of your provinces is tedious and unnecessary. Moving all your troops to a border when all of them are spread out is tedious and unnecessary. Hell, maybe move all troops to this border equally button aka a front line button? This would make the game for mobile especially a lot less of a nuisance. Playing this game on mobile is a nightmare or even in general.
  3. So one can be playing as let's say russia and declares war as germany. This is a communist vs national socialist nation in europe. 10 turns into the war fucking democratic New Zealand and or fucking South Africa all the way across the fucking world will declare war on you for literally no reason at all. Weird ass war declarations like this will literally happen with no merit everytime you play and ruins your immersion and gaming experience. What I usually do is just peace out with them and then next turn they accept. So then it's like what the fuck? Other times this doesn't work. So
  4. Hungary vs Russia. Hungary marches all the way to Moscow, while russia takes all of Hungary's core territory. Hungary goes all the way to Siberia expanding 360 degrees and somehow they are still going and not capitulated. This makes the game not only a pain in the ass to play but makes no sense. The capitulation system should be like the one in hearts of iron 4. Meaning you take this _ much of a nation's core territory, this in return capitulates a nation. The winner who has the most war score should occupy the entire capitulates nation.
  5. If troops are encircled there should be punishments and drawbacks. In age of civilizations 2 there is not. Troops shouldn't be able to move around in all 360 degrees and go twenty thousand provinces whilst encircled. Matter of fact, one shouldn't be able to move there troops at all until it has been reconnected with ones own territory. There should also be turn by turn casualties. Let's say one turn 1 percent of encircled troops perish and then next turn lets say 10 percent and then it just increases and increases until inevitably all of them are dead. This would make the g
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