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  1. Good job creating this map. When the game was launched I tried to make this map by events of every City but was very difficult to me and I give up. If the workshop is released,I will make the map again.
  2. Yes,thanks,with the map of Spain of AoC2 this is the most accurate map of 1100.I still dont know why Valladolid is a part of Salamanca in default map xD.
  3. En Castilla y León,en la provincia de Salamanca(con Valladolid estando dentro wtf)pon un mayor % de Castilla que de León, casi no hay gente que quiera ser leoneses en estas dos provincias.
  4. La clave es conquistar Mónaco,Malta y Gibraltar.Después pides a Alemania que ataque a Francia ,unos turnos después que España también ataque a Francia y entonces tu también le declaras la guerra.Con 100 de oro cualquier país te acepta entrar en guerra con otro.
  5. Agree with that,separate links for every scenario can be a good idea.
  6. Extract the --- and get the folders you need with WinRAR.
  7. You can play with this provinces in the full World Map?
  8. making your vassal a part of your allies,they never want independence and never want to war with your allies.If you have the bug of 0,upgrade you relations,in 10 turns they are going to accept.
  9. The traductor goes wrong xD.I say if you think fascism are a leftist ideology,because you are the first person I see thinking that and I think you are making a joke about that.
  10. Dude wtf you really think fascist are left...Im not prepared for this sense of humor. The guy you put in Spanish no one knows who is he,put Albert Rivera from C's
  11. A right wing mod needs fascists,It's like having a pizza without cheese
  12. Arbeloa22

    3000 turns

    Anyone past 3000 turns in Android?My two Saves who past this turns got corrupted and crash always I try to enter the save.
  13. I've played until the turn 3000 without any problem. -Francoist Spain is OP,in real life they took 3 years to win,in the game 3 months. -British Raj is OP,they won all the war they have,in turn 3000 they have 850 provinces. -Japan is OP too
  14. Realistic/Historical provinces is better than bigger or smaller provinces
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