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  1. I became Duke. What's next?

  2. I haven't done it, but I will maybe do it in the next update!
  3. Hey man. I like your Warcraft map so much. Could you check out my new scenario?

    1. enexpi


      I'm not fan of small games mate :)

  4. you need to press that (which I marker red) and just rename it! Let me know if I helped
  5. I never saw an error such as that. You can click on civilization name in diplomacy menu and you will be able to rename it. Hope I helped! Please let me know if that helped.
  6. Hey doggy! I am not getting that problem. Could you send me a screenshot? I will try to help you.
  7. Thanks for recommendation
  8. What is the highest rank before Administrator

  9. Nice work, but what happened to the north of Serbia and Romania?
  10. Should I add nations (by removing some parts of Wasteland) ?
  11. UPDATE! -Fixed Bulgaria-Romania border before Second Balkan War -Fixed Albanian border -Ottoman Empire is weaker
  12. thanks my slavic brother!
  13. We Serbs often claim things. Like Everyting is Serbia
  14. There are two provinces (first attachment) which belongs to Montenegro, also they got some territorial imrovments after First Balkan War but its is northern part of this province (attachment 2) so I gave it to Serbia because larger part was given to Serbia
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