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  1. Also watch this while you are playing this scenario:
  2. Hey everyone! I made a new scenario which includes events too! This is a historical scenario about Balkan wars which were in period of 1912-1913. First Balkan War was against Ottoman Empire and Second Balkan War was against Bulgaria. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install? -Simply move balkanwars folder to E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civiliz
  3. Could you send me a folder of clear aoc2 folder with 11:59 mode installed! When I install it it doesn't work because my original AoC2 folder is messed.

    1. Shiite


      Just do a fresh install of AoC2, delete all of the files and re-install it

    2. MatijaVojnic


      Please? 🤨

      Kaiser would be proud... so so proud.....

    3. Shiite


      Just do a fresh install. Just do it

  4. Hey my Slavic brother. Greetings to Russia from Serbia
  5. I read somewhere that Bismarck once said (not sure if i quoted it well) There are 6 powers in the world Russia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Austria-Hungary and Germany. -Be on side where are 3 of them -Be on side with Russia
  6. Are you really 13 years? If yes, congratulation, you made awesome maps.
  7. It happened when I played it first time.
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