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  1. What if German Empire was on Allied side...? kaiserreichitaly.zip
  2. because if you add a bigger resolution but with same proportion (220x250 for example) in game photo looks amazing
  3. oh I tought you are just adding in game leaders.
  4. I founded out that you don't need to import 88x100 photos you can import any pics with same proportions so game will accept 176x200 too
  5. I don't like how it looks when you do that.
  6. you better did that on this one with
  7. when I tried to add B&W picture, it wouldn't show up.
  8. but if you plan to add any Black and White photo to game, make sure to color at least one pixel. For some reason game doesn't recognise Black and White pictures.
  9. btw that is the most popular one. ANd it looks Glorious haha.
  10. But this one is the Greatest Please
  11. What do you think of Wilhelm II?

    1. Shiite


      Glorious leader, though you did misspell the name, the correct spelling is "God"

  12. Hahaha, me to. Remove Kebab, SERBIA STRONG
  13. Hey guys! This is my first scenario. New Era Scenario! -African countries lead by Ethiopia decided to unite into African Union and they became new world superpower. -Korean Revolution: North Korean Army made a Coup. Newly formed goverment united with South Korea. -Russia annexed Belarus. -Russia decided to create a puppet state out of Kaliningrad -> Prussia. -Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg signed a Treaty of Brussels. Treaty of Brussels: New country will be named Dutch Republic (Netherland), have Brussels as capital (Belgium) and have Luxembourg dynasty as leader
  14. Hey could you send me a whole folder of AOC 2. I tried everything but I have scenarios bugs, leaders bug and game is crashing. THanks in advance

    1. Shiite
    2. MatijaVojnic


      I am just asking for help. And you are Lord so I tought there is no one better to ask than you.

    3. Shiite


      If you're having problems just uninstall the game, the re-install it. That might help

  15. Will you add Lichenstein, San Mariono and Vatican?

  16. Hey man Could you help me ?

    1. Chexier



      I think I deleted something which I shouldn't. Civilizations are messed up in nearly every scenario(UK is at today China), leader are messed up too (Napoleon is leader of USA) game crash often. So if you could send me whole folder of AOC 2 (which is located in  Steam>Steam Apps>common>)


      Thanks in advance. ❤️

      No need for sending the folder, just verify the game files in Steam. Right click AoC2 > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files

    2. MatijaVojnic


      thanks I will try.

    3. MatijaVojnic


      I only fixed crashing 😕


      btw Could you check my first scenario?



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  17. Thank you so much man. I downloaded some game configs from this forum and those two scenarios got countries messed up. (France was in Sri Lanka, Russia was in Sicily...)
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