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  1. BTW German Empire automaticly change its name to Weimar Republic for some reason (when you are playing with country which isn't German)

    But that isn't your fault.

  2. I am really sorry for alliances. I know that Italy joined Entante against Central Powers and I also know that Ottomans and Bulgaria joined later, but I didn't know that there is an option in game to change sides  so sorry. Sorry for French Guiana too.  First attachment is how Serbia-Bulgaria border looked in 1914 and second attachment shows how should it look in game (I edited it). Great Map btw



  3. Its French Guyana, not French Guiana. You made mistake with Serbia-Bulgaria border. Alliances are wrong. Italy werent with Germany and Austria Hungary. Ottoman empire and Bulgaria were allied with Germany and Austria Hungary. Russia was in entante.

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