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  1. Quite a lot of stuff actually, it's just that Lukasz's Java code doesn't want to cooperate with Linux (which is very rare). Please don't threadjack this thread.
  2. Can't run on linux 😞 please fix!
  3. Yeah, like having a colony system. From totally dependent (like an African colony) to near-virtually independent (like Australia and Canada before the 80's)
  4. So right now colonies are really dumbed down and inaccurate. What Lukasz should add is: Have actual colony countries (like in EU4 where after a while of colonising you get to form one big vassal that can colonise and is less autonomous than a regular vassal). Have said colonial countries declare independence after a while (Have the liberty desire tick slowly up, and as you enter the 1700s and 1800s have the liberty desire tick up more faster). Let that liberty desire rate vary from continent and historical period (like having Africa not really want independence till the
  5. If it could oh boy, you guys would see a really fun custom mod of mine.
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