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  1. Ok, I've just learned something about files limit of assets. You have still some place, you can improve your project by adding more files - civilisations, new flags, scenarios... The max. limit is 65799 files. If your --- has more than 65800 files, you cannot sign it and if number of files is equal to 65800, it can't be opened (open error)... I've tried a lot of editors, always ended with the same result 😞

  2. On 1. 2. 2021 at 4:11 AM, New Random said:

     Can you put all the scenarios please? I dont know how to put scenarios from pc version

    I can, but it won't be working... My Pc version has a different set of civilisations, they have different tags, etc. 

    Anyway, my game includes 65221 files right now, it's so close to number limit of converting... Aplication with more than 65xxx files can not be signed...😔

    (So, you can not just install it without any signature...)


  3. 1 hour ago, New Random said:

    Only 1 scenarios work?


    1 hour ago, New Random said:

    Only 1 scenarios work?

    No, that scenario was used only for testing of functions and compability. If you want more scenarios, you have to create them in Scenario editor...

    Or you can add them to the game from pc version of AoH2, but be careful, the scenario must include only civilizations which are already in the game. So, you have to check the tags of civilisations... 

    Every created Scenario works in this game... 


  4. Guys!!! Finally! I managed to run the map with 16841 provinces without any lags and errors, It runs quite fast... 

    There are just two scales: 1x scale and 5x scale... 

    The game contains only one Scenario for testing called "1927", you have to add or create your own scenarios, it is just a prototype version! 

    I wish you good luck!👍


    Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11khHHa_eoEnRfJLZcVoS9uNgXpkF-IAR/view?usp=drivesdk



  5. 3 hours ago, Simon Wilford said:

    uhh, because once it crashes it switches to scale x1, which it was generating. this could be solved by including only scale x1 in the ---, which only makes it unplayable

    And what about Alpha project created by Kerems2434? There are 13316 provinces and when I started the app, loading of map was fast without any bugs. I set the scale 3x...

    I don't understand what is the difference... Why does his map loads smoothly and the 16841 map does not? Could you please explain it to me? 

  6. On 20. 1. 2021 at 12:52 AM, Lipark Japanese modder said:

    you can? if yu can convert it to android, plz tell me

    I did nothing special. I just deleted 1x and 3x scales because of the large amount of files (There were more than 98000 files), so there is only one folder left - - - > 5x scale. I think it has about 64000 files now, so I was able to convert it all. The game is already signed and installed, but when I open it, the loading bar gets stuck at 50% every time. Loading of map is clear, but something is wrong with loading of provinces... Maybe it could be caused by my AoC2, because it's a modified version of Addon+

    I don't know... 

    I would be grateful if someone could help me fix this error

    Note: I gained the folder of 16841 map by extraction of PC app folders... 


  7. 22 minutes ago, ckanguro said:


    I'm a new user and bought age of history 2 from the play store. I saw that you can add maps from a game folder. I searched my phone for this folder but it doesn't exist. So I would like to understand how to add maps?

    I recommend you to download --- A P K Editor Pro to edit some files of the game - maps, flags, governments, diseases, music etc. Download it and then open it, then - - - > Click "Select an a p k file" - - - > then choose your Aoc2 a p k and click on "full edit" and then go to "Decode Partial files" and you will see files of your AoC2 and you can start editing. After that, just click on "Build" (button in the upper right corner) and wait for signature of AoC2. Then open it in installer and install it. Now, it is all and enjoy your modified AoH2😉


    I hope, it would help you... 

    Good luck... 

  8. On 4/6/2020 at 5:21 AM, Gibby149 said:

    Okay, so, i don't actually know how does cores and population work in scenario editor. For example: there are a lot of Germans in Alsace-Lorraine in real life, so i want to make that to be in game, but when i chose Germans and set to be about 60% Germans, overall population of those territories in game is low. What should i do, is that bug or something? Btw i'm playing on androis, i don't know if it's happening on pc... 

    I am playing on android too, I have the same problem. Maybe, it will help if you add an event to change the core of province population and increasing of population number. Maybe... 

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