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  1. Wow, why here was no posts :D . I guess everybody are just waiting for the closed beta 😁
  2. As we already said, we don't know because we just started making the map 4 days ago, also after the map, we will do growth-rates, terrain types and etc. So it will take a long time.
  3. Yes, but this ain't a big problem 'cause there were too many provinces. Maybe now most of devices will work better with this new mod)
  4. Nice idea bro, but i bet it won`t be in the v0.1.5 . Maybe we will add them in v0.2
  5. Он уже говорил в своих видео,например век Викторий,Вторая Мировая Война ,Первая Мировая Война и т.д.
  6. Согласен,нужна доработка деталей.Еще нужно добавить Волгу и Амударью I agree.Also Kerem,can you add Volga (If you didn`t add it already) and Amu Darya (major river in the Central Asia) rivers
  7. In the first release there will nor be own government,music and etc. but in the future updates there might be (im not one of the modders,just saying the information than i know)
  8. I mean the country that is the biggest in Europe and is located only in Europe
  9. What do you mean by "Ukraine is not a country"?It it the biggest country in the Europe (Russia does not count)
  10. So it will be like another map?Can I play it with other mods,for example, addon+ ?
  11. omg man im kazakh and i just undestood that oyunun is like "ойын" in kazakh and means game right?This is just cool that we can understand differnet launguages)))😄😄
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