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  1. I think that... it would be better if you'll write it down at the first page, near the download link.
  2. Is this mod about anime or about James Cameron's film? The second option would be interesting though, for there is already a mod dedicated to the first option
  3. Nah, the vanilla Kepler 22b map sucks. I think this mod need modded background map like in Addon+.
  4. Civilizations and ideologies names are already localized in Russian because you can do so editing files in "languages" folder. But I don't know how to localize events or city names. I tried to do this once using a file where events scripted, and all events in a scenario just vanished! So I am restricted with localizing civilizations and ideologies...
  5. I have some versions for your issue. 1) Maybe you forgot to check "Age_of_Civilizations" text file in "maps" folder. Add "StarWars" map here if you did not do that. 2) Did you added new music in "music" folder? If yes, then at least you shall have a new main theme (update "Age_of_Civilizations" file to add new music. Or copy and paste the content of modded one into vanilla one if you want to hear vanilla music).
  6. Please kill yourself, do your part in cleansing genome of mankind from idiots
  7. Бета-версия? Возможно, я выложу, но с разрабатываемым сценарием, где будет куча ивентов, есть проблемы. Например, не работают ивенты с потерей важных планет. Я нашел способ, как это исправить, но это будет долго и громоздко. Редактор сценариев вообще кривой... Например, даже если какой-нибудь мир смерти, который Империум не может колонизировать с текущим уровнем тех нологий, подконтролен иной цивилизации (НЕ Империуму И НЕ нейтрален), то все равно высветится сообщение, что мир нельзя колонизировать.
  8. Ehh, installing mods is also confusing for me sometimes, especially a big ones like this. I'll just give you a tip: be careful and unpack everything at order. At first, unpack everything that in game folder upside down, then everything in map folder, and then in UI. For better insurance I recommend to copy the content of modded "Bundle" files in game/languages folder into vanilla files if you don't possess Addon+. Replace "Ages" and "Governments" text files with modded ones. If there is something missing, you can find tutorials how to install mods in this forum.
  9. Warning: the mod release is delayed to February. I'm still working on/fixing the events and quests stuff. Yes, some stuff in event editor looks broken.
  10. If you are a newbie in modding, then do something simple first. For example, a Papers Please mod with countries located on Balkans.
  11. So... Did you managed to re-launch the game again? If the game crashed in more than 4 tries, you are in trouble. 1) Why you should? Do you write a fanfic? 2) What did you want when the most of Star Wars timeline is written long before the prequels? It happens when something unscripted appears such as non-existent faction or ideology. You've probably forgot to replace the Ideologies text file. I did nothing removed from the civilizations_editor folder. 1) Which scenario? 2) "very inconvenient to manage the army, the provinces are connected to the dump"
  12. Look at the screenshot higher. I personally like it, it has no excess ideologies which would make the creation of different varieties of states longer. But I have a pretension: what's about preserving the background from earlier Addon+ version? Addon+ looked fresh, neat and pleasant-looking after watching this vague vanilla background. I think it should be preserved.
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