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  1. try to make them less *visible* add some transparency or change the color
  2. Looks nice so far, just as one guy before me said, make the rivers less visible good luck
  3. Can you show an example of it? Don't wanna sound rude but you can't state something without showing an example or if it's not even finished anyway wish you luck
  4. Well school also there is that other guy making a hoi4 mod so I don't see a reason for two same maps, even though I started it first it doesn't matter. ya ya simon
  5. I am here Expect the development to continue around december also I have another thing in plan but that's just a thought
  6. Frozen, I said I'll do some stuff on side, but because of Covid-19 the school is just putting too much pressure here, so I gotta focus on that, but I will continue working for sure
  7. but Norvvagen is just a suggestion so no one can take credit/you can't convince that someone took credit
  8. I mean that whole "backround" saga for everyone's good so it doesn't repeat
  9. I am REALLY excited about this If Norrvagen is looking so good, I can't imagine Addon+ 2.0 but @Reich I'd suggest you to protect the files, because you know what happened with addon+
  10. I won't work on the mod because of school. I will maybe make some small stuff on side but that's it for now. You can still message me and ask me about the mods and stuff, and I'll still make some minor videos like continuing the events tutorial
  11. What am I trying to say is it would've been a lot better if you offered me help instead of going on your own, also for editing provinces, it's pretty easy either way and I know how to do it, but since you started on your own you are more of a "rival" so its just unnesecary
  12. uhh the difference is I am fully changing the game, I will also maybe have a focus tree if one friend helps me, he is only adding a new map, so instead of doing it on his own he could've offered me help but however I will continue working also stolen iron will be accesible for both, android and pc, and maybe ios
  13. There was anyway no need to do it by a different way because it will be same ingame However as I said I can't and I wouldn't stop you soo have a luck
  14. bruh I am calm lmao, I still haven't even started making sea provinces, also the connections are same in every map like what are you talking about
  15. I am not angry at you or such, there is no need for argueing But instead of going for your own you could've offered help to the ongoing one(this one) Because when I started the mod there was no other *alive* hoi4 mod
  16. Well there is a big map difference, especially in the points, so the provinces are better in this map, however everyone has the right to do whatever he wants here, no matter is it good or not
  17. Since someone decided to start a mod on basicly the same topic, I decided I'll get to work today, I am free anyway so I hope Ill get much of the map done, I will also start changing the game sound effects with those from HoI4
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