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  1. 18 hours ago, setapdede said:

    wha why?

    Well school

    also there is that other guy making a hoi4 mod so I don't see a reason for two same maps, even though I started it first it doesn't matter.

    14 hours ago, Commieslav said:

    I'm guessing either schoolwork or lack of motivation due to other HoI4 mods.



    6 hours ago, New Random said:

    Well only simon have the mod ho4. But thanks for active in forum kokakola. Sry bad english....

    ya simon

  2. 1 minute ago, Simon Wilford said:

    Kokakola is correct, I am only making a map but later I might make a separate total conversion mod. Also I dont use AoC2 on android but i believe my map would be compatible for both

    What am I trying to say is it would've been a lot better if you offered me help instead of going on your own, also for editing provinces, it's pretty easy either way and I know how to do it, but since you started on your own you are more of a "rival" so its just unnesecary 

  3. 3 hours ago, Commieslav said:

    Hi ^^ here's a somewhat neutral idea for the mod "issue".

    Maybe,when both of you finish the mod,you could fullfil one of the mods with some things from the other,to improve it a bit. The mod that gets improved could then be the one to stay,with it's creator crediting the other (e.g. if kokakola gets to keep the mod,some features from Simon's mod would get implemented in it,and Simon would be credited for them).

    Or you can keep both,but one for Android and other for PC. 

    Ofc, it's entirely up to you two.

    uhh the difference is I am fully changing the game, I will also maybe have a focus tree if one friend helps me, he is only adding a new map, so instead of doing it on his own he could've offered me help but however I will continue working

    also stolen iron will be accesible for both, android and pc, and maybe ios

  4. 1 minute ago, Simon Wilford said:

    Ok, now I'll explain the problem :
    I started doing this on map editor 2.0 by Reich, and kept deleting the PROV files as I made them. I would use a python program to generate PROV files out of the mapAoC2_v2.txt. So therefore when I delete a province via the map editor 2.0, the entire order of provinces gets changed. Now, you kept the PROV files but I didn't, so that's why it was not possible for me to continue by your map

    Anyways someday I will make a simplified world map, can we do it at that time? 😃

    There was anyway no need to do it by a different way because it will be same ingame

    However as I said I can't and I wouldn't stop you soo have a luck

  5. 1 minute ago, Simon Wilford said:

    calm down, calm down, I just said it as a friendly joke 😅

    and I could have helped if you didn't start making the connections and sea provinces aswell, DM me if you want an explanation how my and your way of making them are different

    bruh I am calm lmao, I still haven't even started making sea provinces, also the connections are same in every map like what are you talking about

  6. 6 hours ago, Simon Wilford said:

    My hoi4 mod is made in such a way that no demo or beta can be made before the full version, so...

    Your hoi4 mod will be most likely better than mine 🙃

    I am not angry at you or such, there is no need for argueing

    But instead of going for your own you could've offered help to the ongoing one(this one)
    Because when I started the mod there was no other *alive* hoi4 mod

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