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  1. Guys, Apparently @Kerems2434 Already has a HoI4 map but didn't told me all this time He started such thing from 2019 and as he says he didn't thought he will finish it But he did and he is telling me that now However,I am asking you should I continue making Stolen Iron,because probably the mods won't be same,I have different resolution and different focus,also different style of doing provinces. Should I continue with Stolen Iron?
  2. @Reich Can you at least release the mod,with or without events It would be really bad if you throw all your work just like that The mod looks awesome and it should be released
  3. Ok so,I am back And well,since the map is going pretty fast,the beta will be out very soon. Meanwhile in the discord server (which you can find here https://discord.gg/vXdxnXp) Some people told me that some provinces are wrong(Transordan is impossible at the moment),that's because I am making them fit the modern day borders But after the full release of the mod,in the first update I will edit and add new provinces so we will have the exact borders we want Which will differ from the original HoI4 (it will have a little bit more provinces).
  4. you can use xbox's screen recorder,you can also screenshot with it,every windows 10 has it (but the quality is very bad) or maybe you can use bandicam,it's very practical and I use it
  5. 701 PROVINCES ! I will continue going for today until I finish Iran,Egypt and the Transcaucasian countries.
  6. There will be beta with Europe,North Africa and the Middle East For now the release date it's unknown but I started working activly so it will be out as soon as possible.
  7. Started working now Planning to make around 200-300 provs a day Because I am free these days
  8. I am going to take bigger part and then post,maybe to finish all the Rome countries or something
  9. AWESOME gonna play this for sure *even tho I am not Nordic*
  10. I am REALLY sorry cuz I haven't posted progress yet but here the school starts,I have football trainings and exercises,I am also working on some sub projects I hope to finish Europe in a month (I know it seems like a LOT,but I am the only one working on the map,and plus I have to do a lot of stuff,hope you can understand me)
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