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  1. So now I am drawing provinces(not in the map editor). Planning to get everything ready,please send me some maps or map sources so I can make every border possible,thanks!
  2. says the guy barely speaking turkish and cant imagine for english,says the guy who puts dislikes on posts cuz he thinks it means something,says the guy who made a mod up form stolen stuff,says the guy who calls himself best modder and his mods best(what an ego,people decide),even if you are older than me you behave more like a kids than i do,the mods i do are with custom maps that i am drawing. What is your point dude,you didnt answered on anything,why arent you allowing others to give you opinion,as an example i never insulted you,even the first time you banned me from your dumb server i
  3. the last thing imma say Kerem and his gorup You guys are using THEIR map editor,you guys are using THEIR city editor,your world+mod uses the map from THEIR russian editor,and you are spitting on them?
  4. LMAO,kerem banned me,i already told you that i dont have anything against you,what is your point dude i said you may have done the *impossible* but tho dont be some random kid,why dont you want to discuss,or at least prove that you made it you know if i didnt liked you i would never try to help you i guess this is what i got lmao
  5. What was a trying to say is anyone,try to get the aoc2 background,and merge it with with satelite one,it will be hard,the shapes,you cant just move it to make them fit,you must make every pixel fit,nearly impossible to make in short amount of time
  6. Ok so for some people that are watching this,the background @Reich made needs a lot of effort,because the size,islands,and stuff arent same on every map,he had to merge it,edit,and a lot of stuff.And its bigger possibility that they took it and edited it(cuz it really isnt possible to do the same in that short amount of time). However,may @Reichwas a bit too aggressive,so please,people who disagree,understand him. If @Kerems2434or anyone of his modding group seriously made it,congrats. May this can be easily finished if there is an credit or at least someone explains how that ba
  7. by this way you can add leaders,change flags per ideology,change name per ideology,like a game civilization
  8. I am Fully reworking the terrain map,the background and everything as soon as I will drop information.
  9. It is alive,however,you will have to wait a lot for it.
  10. So for y'all waiting for this mod,I will start fully work again when i finish Stolen Iron Mod.
  11. i think i recognised the words "version" and "android" so yes it will be in android if you're asking that 😄
  12. New video about the progress,i was slower with the map cuz of modificating other stuff here
  13. Just,dont expect the turns to go as fast as a small map,its all bcs of the optimization of the game,anyway when it all loads it should work faster
  14. just simply create new provinces in the map editor
  15. IF you want this mod in your language join this discord server bellow and ping me(my nickname is antzz) I will answer as fast as i can https://discord.gg/cvxpwC even if your language wasnt in the game before,you can join and translate the mod!
  16. just move the scroll wheel on the mouse in or out
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