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    Texas reacted to Ramiro007 in Upgrage AOC2   
    Technically you can add unlimited number of choices but your point still stands :)
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    Texas reacted to Far Estern Republic in Upgrage AOC2   
    you can make a event with two choices
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    Texas reacted to Far Estern Republic in Upgrage AOC2   
    You already can make "Choises like in HOI4" by events
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    Texas reacted to Naoiph in What is going on   
    I logged in to this forum and found possibly hundreds of posts, all made by users who joined a couple hours ago, about selling fake documents etc. for getting into countries and fake drivers licenses etc. What is going on, and can this be stopped? I am very concerned and hopefully someone can ban all the users and delete all the posts
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    Texas reacted to DrillPeel in America (formable civ)   
    So i make myself play as 4 players, then as US i sended trade deal to mexico, britain and canada for provinces needed to form it, as Mexico i accepted it, as Britain and Canada too. 
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    Texas got a reaction from Simon in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
    Considering computer power, not only would mobile devices would be affected, but many computers too. My laptop already has difficulties processing AoC2. It will also take away the originality of the game. While I have nothing against the existence of such a system, I want it to be optional, so in the form of a mod or add-on.
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    Texas got a reaction from EmpirePlanner145 in Reform on how we recruit an Army   
    An additional building may not be necessary, for the existing armory may take on the additional benefit under your proposal.
    Also maybe one could invest tech points into recruitment as well.
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    Texas reacted to EmpirePlanner145 in Reform on how we recruit an Army   
    Instead of building a army using money, scrap that and have it being that it require that province's population to build a army.
    This will make so that your gold can not quickly build a army in one turn. 
    Example, you select provinces that will build a army for you based off of the population the province has.
    Population of 25000, would be able to recruit a army of 1500 but it would take 3 turns.
    Each turn makes 500 units
    There needs to be a new building so that you can train a army. The higher the level the building is the faster and more units you can build.
    The cost would increase the military upkeep.
    This would allow a nation prepared for war, have a higher chance of winning.
    Even if you are a small nation but have time to build up a army without costing gold would be ideal in terms for war.
    A Big Nation will always out produce units because of gold but take that away then this allows a small nation to take down a big nation or at least get them to agree to a peace deal in the small nation favor.
    Having these buildings in the game would allow strategic planning since now you know where you should plan your attack.
    You would want to take out their building so they cant counter attack or build a army close enough.
    With what we currently have a Nation with a high budget can build a army of 2500 in one turn, which is annoying because you probably was prepared for war but suddenly they out number you.
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    Texas reacted to Lonathan in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
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    Texas reacted to Cai in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
    Now, its easy to suggest something without actually thinking about it.
    Here are a few reasons why this shouldn't be implemented.
    1) Game already loads slowly per turn & This game was originally made for mobile
    Do you realize how many additional calculations it would take per turn if you added that layer of complexity? Game already takes a while to go through a turn as it is. With that, you're doubling/tripling the amount of resources and most mobile devices will stop being able to get the most out of the game, opting for smaller maps just for a layer of complexity. 
    2) Its easy to suggest, but hard to implement.
    It may seem easy for you to say "Add more troop types" but have you ever considered what has to be changed? If this was to be implemented, they would have to change the recruit tabs and add more options, change the AI of the civilizations [Which would be hard], find a balanced price, power level and add way more calculations to troops [Instead of Troops A* bonusdefA vs TroopsB vs bonusdefB, the game now has to deal with armor piercing, which type of troops damage the other the most, how to prioritize which type attacks first, etc.].
    3) It would ruin it's casual gameplay
    Instead of being a relatively simple game, this will have turned it into something like other games of this genre [Didn't state any, not sure if its allowed or not] If that happens, the demography this game is supposed to serve will be turned down, as AOC II will become just another clone of those games by that point.
    Edit: If you really want this, try getting this into a mod when mod support is released or something, don't ruin it for everyone by permanently replacing the core mechanics of the game.
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    Texas reacted to Strangefancypants in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
    Idea sounds stupid, i do however believe that your army should be a tad bit stronger if you invest in it, such as dumping tech points into army strength 
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    Texas reacted to Shiite in Varieties of combat units (+Poll)   
    I'm sure some things were lost in translation, but this is by design a MOBILE GAME it cannot and should not be a pc game, because the competition on pc are hundreds of times better than this. This is good for young people who only have phones to get in to Grand Strategy, and maybe when they're older get a pc and get the amazing games on this amazing platform, but it is not and is not designed to be a pc game
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    Texas reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Map Editor - Map from Scratch   
    Go to the map editor files and open:
    And delete everything from this file and put something like that:
    0,1 2,3 Save

    And now you are able to create own map from scratch in Map Editor
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    Texas reacted to Łukasz Jakowski in Map Editor - AoC2   
    Map Editor for Age of Civilizations II
    Download: http://ageofcivilizationsgame.com/DL/AoC2_MapEditor.zip

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    Texas reacted to Obito in Location of the Diseases   
    It’s time for people to Ligma balls
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    Texas reacted to Celtiberian98 in Autosave issue   
    Yes, this only happens in random game mode 
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    Texas reacted to colt374 in Autosave issue   
    HI there,
     I'd like to report an issue I am encountering regarding saving (PC version) : My current game gets stuck attempting to perform an autosave, and just keeps trying to do an autosave each turn. However the save does not happen, and if I quit back to the menu and attempt to load the game, it shows it has not saved since the last autosave attempt fifty turns previous. As such, I lose a lot of progress when this occurs.
     Only once did I see an error message appear : It said "Save failed : Device is out of memory." (or words to that effect). I checked my ram usage and found it only about 75% used of 8GB. 
     I re-loaded a couple of times when this happened (three times now on the same games) and found the same issue occurred again after a few more autosaves. This occurred even after rebooting the device. 
     I've zipped up the save directory and attached it here in case it helps.
    EDIT : I'm trying to persist with the current game but the issue keeps reoccurring every 15-25 minutes after re-loading the last save. I've tried changing the frequency of saving from 50 to 25 to 10 turns, but that didn't help. I also tried the method to increase java's allocated memory using the -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M parameters : first using a batch file to call javaw.exe to start aow2.exe using those parameters, and then by using those parameters as launch options from Steam. Neither of these helped.
    Also there's another symptom I've noticed that only occurs on the turn that the saving stops working : After successfully conquering a territory, the options to move/recruit/more/moveto no longer appear when clicking on ANY territory. The only way they will appear again is to end the turn. However saving then stop working, and it gets stuck in the loop of trying to save every turn until you reload the last save.
    BTW reloading the last save does fix the issue, but only until the next time it occurs.... and then you have to reload again.
    As a workaround, setting the "Turns Between Autosave" to 5 or 10 turns means you don't lose too much.
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    Texas reacted to DragosRS in German nations are the best targets   
    So If you're playing in the 1440 scenario try to play as france, poland or the teutonic order and go chase all the small german states, they each should have 40000+ pop and good infrastructure. 
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    Texas reacted to SLiCK_Mx in Vassals should not be able to reject its Lord's peace offers when at war   
    As long as a state is your vassal, I think it is only logical that the vassal complies with all your demands. Vassals must remain vassals. This is quite irritating as well since my vassals keep rejecting my peace offers when I'm at war; to the point where I just stopped calling my vassals to war altogether.
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    Texas reacted to Pierrot69stf in Spying ideas   
    Could be good to have spies, maybe in the form of units  (between 1 and 50) invisible to the enemy unless you're discovered. Spies efficienty would be based on tech level, the higher your dev is, the most undetectable they are. Could be presented as below:
    -building : spying center where you could hire spies.
    -spying treaties between civs : they both let spies pass in their territory and both recover the informations. Note: this is a secret alliance.
    Spying actions :
    -sabotage : destroy a building
    -informations : removes the fog in some provinces around them. And, if in the capital, infos about the budget and all troops. (High tech level to enter the capital)
    -assasinations : kill the leader, will result in less hapiness, would require a high dev tough.
    -organize a coup : change the government/ideology of another country to yours and improves relations, will depend on hapiness, economy and diplomacy of the country. It will have a high chance of sucess if  the country, is ruined or losing at war. If it fails, relations will decrease.
    -liberate other spies that have being captured.
    Counterespionage :
    it would be too hard if you could'nt protect yourself, as much your spies are undetectable as much you counterespionage is efficient and so you could see enemy spies and kill or arrest them with your own (arresting by encercling) you'll then know who was spying on you and keep spies as prisonners, enemy will have to pay a a ransom to recover them.
    There would be a rate of sucess for missions : even if you have a better tech level than a civ you're spying on, you could be discovered and this civ would maybe have a low but not impossible possiblility of accomplishing a mission without being seen.
    what do you think ?
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    Texas reacted to Shiite in The "Diplomacy" button   
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    Texas reacted to Shiite in Slightly accurate rebels   
    I'll have you know the Teutonic independence movement is alive and well
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    Texas reacted to Hiking1 in 101 Alliances   
    So today i will explain how to make a secure alliance with (almost) any country, this is a recopilation of all the data i've been sharing in the Reddit and the Discord, so here we go!
    First you have to have these things:
    Have a relative close distance Both of them have to be nation friends You need to have 60+ relations with him If these things are on, i'm pretty sure it will work. You can raise opinion only with diplomacy, gib them money work but the bonus are very few.
    Another thing is that i discovered that some nations have "pre-loaded" friends, for example England and Portugal will always start with a good relations or Mexico and Cuba

    When to call them to war?
    First of all i want to make clear, if the war is very easy to win just don't invite them, call them if your enemy has a comparable power, or else they will be just a problem. This happens because sometimes you just want to peace out with 99% because maybe on of his provinces are too far, but you ally WILL ALWAYS peace out when its 100% scoreboard [lukasz plz fix]. This is the reason you see Castille and Morocco fight for 900 years.
    When to join his wars?
    If you want to get a PU, i recommend to always join his wars, joining wars gives you more + opinion with them
    If you consider the war won to them  don't
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    Texas reacted to ShouldIStayOrShouldIGo in Investing in your provinces   
    Press X to doubt. If you play something like Switzerland, at early game you should focus on getting more economy since you can't go to war with any of your neighbors, they're simply stronger than you.
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