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  1. The script depicts Italy with the largest possible borders that it could have after the Axis victory in WW2 Italy: - Almost the entire Mediterranean coast is under Italian control - Puppets of Italy - Serbia, Iraq, Yemen, Oman - Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and South Yemen under Italian control German Reich - Vichy France, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Turkestan under German control. - Togo, Tanzania and Cameroon under German control - Ascension Island, Saint Helena and some Caribbean islands that were under British control Finland: - The entire northern territory of the European part o
  2. I created civilizations via a tag (not a regular game editor) These civilizations must be in the script. Where can I find these civilizations so people can download them and play my script? (Which folder?)
  3. Why not let people just download this mod? Why do you need these photos of bowls with stray animals?
  4. Hello! The game has an alliance "NATO", it specifically does not have several countries, so there are no problems with individual wars of certain countries. There is a non-existent state "Turkestan". In the scenario, different countries have good or bad relationships, different alliances. MSCNRO1_E MSCNRO1 MSCNRO1_A MSCNRO1_C MSCNRO1_D MSCNRO1_HRE MSCNRO1_INFO.json MSCNRO1_PD MSCNRO1_W
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