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  1. Monaco Map

    Hello I am here to present my map monaco. As you can see in the title, the map is in wip (work in progress) the link could go out in a few days or week. The Post will be updated if the number of provinces changes ... Actually I have done more than 25 or 26 short if you want to have it just be patient 🙂monaco.xcf {--------- Screenshot


    Map Editor Monaco.rarI don't want continue this map...but if you know how to make maps you can download and finish it so...well i mean you do what you want it's just not want to finish it

  2. Scenario For Europe Map

    How Get The Europe Map?

    You must have the game on steam.

    Ok But What Scenarios ?



    -Cold War

    Warning !

    The link will be available soon because I will start the thing soon and it will come out in 2-3 days if I am not a lazy ...

    (sorry for my english beacause im polish and i used google translation 😞)


    I Finished The Scenarios So Here's The Link 

    Age Of Civilizations II.rar

  3. 26 minutes ago, Leeb said:

    I like the idea of making a serie of "Addons" for the countries, it add content even If the game is death.



    Thanks 😃 how i said im gonna make french or german😉 


    What This Addon Includes ?

    This addon includes some scenario and some polish leaders...


    -Polish-Soviet war

    -Forming The Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth 

    -Invasion Of Poland (with some events)


    -Zygmunt III Waza 1586-1632 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth 

    -Wladyslaw IV Waza 1632-1648 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth 

    -August II The Strong 1696-1704 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth 

    -Ignacy Moscicki 1926-1939 - Poland/Republic Of Poland

    -Aleksander Zawadzki 1952-1964 Polish People's Republic(Communist in Poland)

    And That's All For This Addon 😀

    I Make Gonna Make MAYBE French Or German 😉

    So Have Fun Or Not...


    Age Of Civilizations II.rar

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