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  1. There's been some progress on Eastern events lately. Most notably on the Qing, and the various wars that may happen with it.
  2. that's a lot of victoria 2 mods
  3. There is nothing wrong with it of course, I was attempting to annoy him. I apologize if I've offended anybody.
  4. Tbh please hack me I'm actually liking that kind of idea
  5. Made a Discord server for the mod. You know the drill, polls, updates, announcements, etc., makes it easier to organize. https://discord.gg/e27PaQntAZ
  6. The background is from Lipark, do check his page lol. Also the UI hasn't changed. --- Also possible new update. I'm gonna go digging into AOH2's files and see if I can find proper flag frames. If I do, I'll probably change the current flags within the game (considering to use a Victoria 2 or HOI4 filter). It shouldn't take too long really.
  7. F No hablo espa├▒ol, as├ş que estoy usando un traductor, lo siento. El imperio de Napole├│n ya es extremadamente poderoso, as├ş que har├ę posible a trav├ęs de un evento durante una nueva y ├║ltima guerra de coalici├│n entre Napole├│n y Europa hacer tal cosa. Also, here's a sneak peak to the Great Balkan War,
  8. With the complete defeat of Russia to Napoleon, and her complete defeat on land, Britannia was forced to sign an armistice with France. Henceforth, Napoleon now has a tighter grip on the European continent than ever before. (Map is from @Lipark Japanese modder, he has given me permission to use it. Make sure to check him out.) Freedom Arises plans to be a modification of AOH2 in its complete entirety, bringing a new scenario and a horde of events, civilizations along with it. So far it is far from completion, with it's map itself unfinished along with t
  9. Hello there, I'm working on a modification of Age of History 2 and was wondering if I could use this background. I will of course credit you. Thanks in advance.
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