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  1. There is a bug, after editing an existing scenario, every country's names started to appear in their northern routes. I can't take screenshot but I can say Saudi Arabia is currently in Iraq, Turkey's name appears in eastern Ukraine and Iran's name in the middle of Kazakhstan.
  2. Thank you so much for the great update. I would like to learn that how do you guys know how to improve AI? Is that the same method with the original game I'm asking because I am personally interested in improving AI too. The problems are AI is bad at handling multiple fronts, doesn't distirbute their forces along borders and not good at prioritizing fronts either. Of course I will have to edit them if I can notice significant difference in 1.5.
  3. Mısır-Libya sınırını doğru çizmişsin fakat İzlanda'yı Danimarka'ya, Finlandiyayı da Rusya'ya vermen gerekiyor. Oyun taraflar arasında dengeli mi?
  4. What is the starting date in "Better WWII Mod"? Will the alliances strickly based on history? Will the nations have their historical powers or Allies will be weaker in sake of balance?
  5. I am seriously asking because when I try to search it, I just found so many different maps not sure which one is correct.
  6. How can I launch the game on PC?
  7. It is fine for me as long as Central Powers/Axis have at least some chances to win. In WW1 scenario, Isn't it better to combine all commonwealth nations (UK+Canada+S.Africa+India+Australia+New Zealand+Oman+British Malaya) as British Empire (I would suggest adding British Empire as country in codes too) when other colonial powers are unified entities with their colonies? Will thee be Bolshevik Revolution?
  8. Are WW1 and WW2 scenarios balanced for both sides or nations just have historical strenghts?
  9. Isn't it general AI issue that it tend to send only bigger armies into overseas territories?
  10. What is the best way to represent the Bolshevik Revolution?
  11. I am not talking about making some territories/continents wasteland just limiting map itself on screen if it is possible.
  12. In 1889 scenario, Kars and Ardahan belong to Russia which has also wrong flag. In 1917 Jun, Edirne belongs to the Ottoman Empire. Ottomand had no territory around Basra. Russia had occupied a bit more territory of the Ottoman Empire. Hejaz should be thinner and they had lost middle of it due to the Arab revolt. Jerusalem was still under the control of the Ottomans but Baghdad and Oman were belong to the British even Bhutan and Nepal can be seen as British. Sothern Albania wasn't under Austrian rule. Fareo islands belong to Denmark Russian empire has not exit the war yet even if it as
  13. Thank you for this project, these intensive hard works really deserve every praise. I have some problems and suggestions. -Loading process takes too long although I have just updated my Java on my PC. -There are border issues in WW1 scenario. Alsace-Lorranie belongs to Germany. Austria had a little bit more territory in Galicia and Serbia/Montenegro borders. The Ottomans had less territories in Arabian peninsula too. Also missing French and Portuguese possesions in India. Some capital locations are also wrong too. -Will there be AI improvements? -I would suggest making the
  14. I would really suggest having much more sea zones per spaces in sea areas around Europe compared to open seas for better playability.
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