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  1. your profile picture is probably how you reacted lol
  2. by the way, i cant download it because the link wont appear
  3. Hey, you! tired of the original map? yeah? no? dont care! :trollface: okay that was cringe anyways, i decided to mess around in the map editor when i was bored and now im making a new map, its based off the normal aoc2 map but im making my own provinces, they may not be too accurate because its my first real mod soo ye. current progress: benelux almost done. well, that is kind of it for now ig see ye later. also theres no release day as im gonna be making this only when im bored
  4. it died 😞 wait it was posted on april the 1st bru
  5. exactly, i like to troll keyboard warriors
  6. i am ironically racist meaning im just saying "im racist" i am not actuallly racist
  7. nice to see someone do this! could you please fix the benelux provinces to be more accurate? (picture for a reference thingy)
  8. Tired of the base game backround? do you just dont like it? well then heres a softer version of it! it changes the country collors a bit, and yeah thats about it. its a small alteration of collor, so do not expect something amazing, enjoy! Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t9t67t6Uh0x2A0JkZsdbi-2m0vYSoVw5?usp=sharing
  9. i mean, its not really your mod if you dont make the map though
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