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  1. nice to see someone do this! could you please fix the benelux provinces to be more accurate? (picture for a reference thingy)
  2. Tired of the base game backround? do you just dont like it? well then heres a softer version of it! it changes the country collors a bit, and yeah thats about it. its a small alteration of collor, so do not expect something amazing, enjoy! Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t9t67t6Uh0x2A0JkZsdbi-2m0vYSoVw5?usp=sharing
  3. i mean, its not really your mod if you dont make the map though
  4. aye i still have it downloaded, i can send you the file
  5. just look up a 1640 map of europe and see
  6. bro chill this scenario isnt correct anyways
  7. Wassup, dude I am pumped to see this mod done. Is this gonna be based off the victoria 2 map? please let me know. cheers!
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