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  1. i like that scenario and i recommend you to add more countries in europe or maybe in america and africa, there are also civilizations existed.
  2. so, when i decided to create a new scenario, the scenario starts at 1/1/2050. the thing i will add are; new ideologies, separated american states, FereQ Government, Paris Government, London united aristocrats, fascist Portugal, Pirate country, United Africa (not fully it just owns some places in Africa), new events (WW3, WW4, The great terrorism) aaannnndddd "YOUR COUNTRY" all you have to do is complete this form https://forms.gle/mrqDbiVKMoNZdidt9 and contact me from Discord (hamza123tr#2128) my DMs are open for everyone. In the comments you can give me ideas of what to add.
  3. im gonna create my own future scenario in AoC 2 there will be new countries that have never existed, 

    some countries will be seperated (like america) and there will be new countries. There can have your country by just filling this form: https://forms.gle/Gh4nNSdFAMMGNGg36


    for more details contact hamza123tr#2821

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