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  1. Are you doing it from the "classes.dex" file? Btw Im talking about android.
  2. Ölmedi yaşıo da üşeniom buraya atmaya ilerlemeyi
  3. Bazı nehirler çok yanlış .d Karadağı da senaryoda yanlış yapmışınız.
  4. İthink like this: And you can use this below for only hejaz borders( not circle ones):
  5. For the Ottomans and Egypt of that time, you have to give Rutba and the eastern part of Jordan to the desert. Of course, I am telling this by looking at it from far, my opinion may be wrong. So please show closer.
  6. Cool, But rutba looks weird, is it because of the province borders? And sure East part of Jordan.
  7. I found a map in Steam. Did a new map come to HOI4? The provinces seem to have been increased or changed. Or a Fan map.
  8. So good idea to me. To me every settings/editors should in game.
  9. I wrote these ideas because I wanted realism in the game. I think I can get ideas from realistic games. Of course its my opinion. My opinion is that the game should be developed, but I also respect your opinion. I want brand new game mechanics. You want the current mechanics to improve. Of course I do not go against your opinion.
  10. Bunlar da yardımcı olablr ilk resimdeki küçük olanları yapmana gerek yok.
  11. Bi de senussi sınırı var Omniatlas'ta var 1910 sınırı.
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