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  1. I really like this game, the fact that you can make your own scenarios, events, and even nations is amazing, and the gameplay itself is very simple. The only thing that prevents me from fully enjoying the game is the fact that AI is, well, not GOOD. By not good I mean very damn stupid. Let's say for example, Italy declares war on Estonia because why not? or during peace deals, the countries like to randomly take a province that won't border the rest of the nation. I think what Lucas should do is make it like in eu4, nations can only take provinces that they border. I also hate alliance wars, b
  2. Every time I play as a small nation, I focus on investing on my economy rather than invading other states, although every time the game gets really long it just breaks. All of my and other countries' relations go to 0 which makes the game pretty much unplayable.
  3. Difficulty does not affect AI aggresiveness or how difficult it is to develop your country, instead, it focuses on AI during wars as the AI can make their own strategy
  4. Is there a way to set AI aggresiveness to 0%? Is there a mod to make it possible or a way to get into the game's system?
  5. Mexico legit took all of mainland China, nice
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