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  1. Jivko89470

    Size map?

    Hello Friends, I downloaded the AoC2 map editor, is it possible to replace the card with a higher resolution than 4440x2600? Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
  2. The map is too short, but I will make a new map witch more countries and provinces.
  3. Hey friend, did you expalain to me how to divide the map into two parts L and R 🙂
  4. Hello friends, I made a map Bulgaria-Serbia 1878-1885, it's all over, but I have only one problem, I can't divide the map into two parts, L and R, which will help
  5. OK no problem :) I will finish Romania and Greece then I will hand it over to you on 07.05.2020 until then it will be ready only Turkey will remain. Sorry for the bad english but I'm for Bulgaria
  6. Can you send me the mod to finish it 🙂
  7. Jivko89470

    Future flag

    Great Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Austria, Russia and Ukraine
  8. Thanks friend, but I'll search for the world. Sorry for the bad English, but I'm Bulgarian.
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