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  1. Another Bad German fanboy

  2. I guess I am gay 🤣
  3. He's dangerous so better watch out please.


  4. true all of the leaders being anime girls are cringe It will be better if it was not only anime girls
  5. no i gonna use dividing technique example nation A population is 40 million this is impossible in normal aoc2 map so i gonna divided to a number example 10 so 40 million divided by 10 is 4 million and this population is possible in normal aoc2 map and i gonna use the same technique at economy too
  6. well you got a point i will probably find a idea later btw project gonna have cool flags and leaders that are black and white
  7. Deadly Sin 1936 This project takes in 1936 before World War II, the difference between this project and other projects are this project gonna have realistic population, realistic economies, and gonna have well scripted events and more! I will show other things about the project later!
  8. Can you tell me how is not working
  9. bro you need his permisiion if you want to use his mod
  10. Here you go just replace the files Ho Chi Minh.rar
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