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  1. did you make this image or profile picture?

  2. did you make this image or profile picture?

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    2. Forret


      Did you hear anything about Mapsandbox?

    3. davidtjk
    4. Forret


      He talks sometimes on Discord but not much

  3. did you make your profile or used some photo and photoshop it ?

    1. CassalettIV


      It's an image of Thurston the meme cat, but I just added a military cap png to it.

    2. davidtjk


      well do you have permission do use that or are that is cc-by-sa 4.0

    3. CassalettIV


      AFAIK that thing lets me use the material and edit it, giving the credit where its due of course

  4. hi @Łukasz Jakowski they are new guy call@khulusum he is spamming probably so you should ban this guy from forum

  5. why i should delete the the great new project ?

    if u mean command is already deleted ?

  6. thanks for video lol


    1. Shiite


      Still goin, good ol Lukasz

    2. davidtjk
  8. thanks : )

  9. hey bruh i really see you making map good can u be in our club member we will help you for mod if you ask how? i am know one people who have channel and he can make your maps or scenarios to show everyone!


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    2. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      what, I know the problem is the files, and I don't know how to Gylala, it places them perfectly, you can like modifying them or something like that, making it run, please, I would like, but I'm in virtual exam

    3. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      I do not know where you are from, but in my country it is already night, I am going to sleep, help me to assemble it to the game, as well as the gylala maps, because I do not know what happens, if you succeed, you send me the link of your game thank you and see you

    4. Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      Aoc2 Amigalandesco

      hello, you are already continuing, the map


    1. Forret


      Thank you for giving me South Tirol and Sudetenland 🙂

  11. bruh : )  my project beta download link on the video



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    2. CassalettIV


      How did you know I'm Colombian boi?

    3. CassalettIV


      Anyways, yeah sure add me in

    4. davidtjk
  12. bruh the project is done ( beta ) 100 country !

    download the link and thank's for being on my project


  13. bruv do you want to be on my project you know making peoples countries they live or born

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    2. davidtjk


      100 of them is ready and now you can download betas but not you on next update ok

    3. Windows XP Mapping
    4. davidtjk


      thanks for following me i will follow you too : )

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