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  1. Ahh yes I have the game on Steam no problem but the scenario just shows up on world map and doesn't show when I choose Europe map?
  2. This is the map you created ... what is this supposed to be???
  3. Hey my friend saladmonster thank you for help So I only have to download the ages.json and put it in my folder to stop rebels? Just an info I found out: Rebels maybe don't depend on AI aggresive level but on something else in the specific scenario. Because I started the same scenario I had problems with only minimum aggresive AI and rebels were still a huge problem for every country
  4. If I turn AI aggresive at 250% the whole world gets covered in rebels that are unbeatable because if the owner of the country can't defeat them they grow stronger If I turn AI aggresive at 50% then there is no movement on the map at all I want to have a challenge of getting constantly attacked but not by rebels - but only by real countries no rebels. Is there a way?
  5. Bro what kind of games do you play here? Why do you need photos from everyone? The part about bowl of water for animal seems like you a nice person ... but the fact is I live in Munich we have no homeless animals in our street??? I need link for PC please and yes I bought the game, rated it positive too.
  6. Um the Cold War one is pretty good ... but do you have any explantion for why 1700s map has Germany being wasteland?
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