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  1. i dunno what way i can talk with u https://steamcommunity.com/id/Xieyan233/ add me steam account is best :)
  2. If the flag is changed to the chinese character is gonna be better tho The chinese character of the Three Kingdoms period is call '' 小篆'' for example: This is ''小篆'' of DongZhuo【董卓】 I can provide it to you if you need it.
  3. Here are some balance issues I am ajusting . Battle of Zhoulo.rar,there's first version
  4. The Battle of Zhuolu (Chinese: 涿鹿之戰) was the second battle in the history of China as recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian, fought between the Yanhuang tribes led by the legendary Yellow Emperor and the Jiuli tribes led by Chiyou.The battle was fought in Zhuolu, near the present-day border of Hebei and Liaoning. In prehistoric China, the tribes of Yellow Emperor rose to power on the plains of Guanzhong and merged with Yan Emperor's tribes following the battle of Banquan. The Yanhuang tribes, as the merged tribes were known, spread along the Yellow River towards the East China Se
  5. i have a plan to make End of the Han dynasty(東漢末年) scenario,But the project is too huge,I don't think it is possible to do untill the Jin dynasty.
  6. When europe is under stan control, poland may not ''join''. lol
  7. Xieyan

    war of korea

    rough border lol
  8. r There's some littlebit Inaccurate at manchuria but not big problem [DOWNLOAD]: China.rar
  9. Asia Part------- South East Asia Mainland Part------- Middle East Part-------- North America Part --------- i just make a background.theres no event in it DOWNLOAD : Pacifit Region 2090.rar
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