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  1. Dayrox

    Peace Conferance

    Ok but, how much money, because I can offer more than 2 million coins, the AI refuses all the time, I even offered him 3 provinces against the one I wanted, another refusal, I find the trading system badly done, as for example the AI sometimes offers you like 50 coins in exchange for a coalition against an enemy, given the price in troops that the war will cost, decline the offer right away.
  2. Dayrox

    Peace Conferance

    Hi, I have an idea for a mod or if this mod already exists please tell me. Is there a mod that will allow us to fully manage the peace conferences after the wars, for example to manage ourselves the "war points" (I don't know what it's called) of our allies or to absorb them. to avoid, for example, that they take in the middle of the defeated country a territory, and that afterwards, the borders are aesthetically horrible. If anyone answers, thank you for your time in answering my question 😉
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