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  1. Thanks, but it's a pain when you have countless armies though. I think putting an army on a vassal/ally also saves them from being deleted (not sure).
  2. Is it possible for armies to not be deleted when switching countries using the Editor trick? 🤔
  3. Found a bug - countries will sometimes form an alliance with rebels, causing an unending war (they will not accept peace treaty).
  4. Love the new update, but I think you forgot to add the music files (Android). They're not listed in Audio settings.
  5. That would be a perfect tool for building watch towers/ports as well. Not sure how feasible it is, though.
  6. I love the return of the harder rebellions but some issues: • There is no music in v1.2. Pressing forward button shows no music name. It was working fine before. • I don't get why we need an ally/vassal to justify against countries. Also it can be circumvented by sending ultimatum/trade. • When there's too many rebels, some tend to glitch out repeatedly Just some suggestions: • It would be nice if the winning side annexes the entire enemy after a civil war instead of peacing out resulting in weird border gore/allies and vassals taking land that should be for the winn
  7. I kind of missed the old rebel system where they could take over unstable countries more easily. It makes the game more unpredictable/fun. Maybe as compromise we could have more frequent civil wars that could take over the entire country instead? (e.g. when a country loses a war, low happiness/economy, etc) Also, does the AI justify on the entire country or only specific provinces to prevent excessive border gore?
  8. Will there be a capitulation mechanic similar to Bloody Europe?
  9. Love the capitulation mechanic, but music doesn't work on Android?
  10. Love the map style, but music doesn't seem to work on Android? 🤔 (It works on Roma Invicta for some reason)
  11. How much space do you have left? If you have enough space, try restarting your phone.
  12. There's a map scale option in map view. Pretty neat actually.
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