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  1. i think you should chnge the name of this mod because there is someone like me will mistake this mod for Fuhrerreich mod which is exist as a alt-kaiserreich mod inHoi4
  2. 初めてこの日本人専用のフォーラムに訪れたんですけどなんか凄い寡黙ですねw
  3. Do you have a plan of formable civiilization for china? Like: Any states province----->China--------->Chinese Empire---------->East Asian Empire------> Asian Empire-----> Eurasian Empire Manchu states----->Manchu--------->Qing(康熙帝)------>Qing (乾隆帝)-------->Chinese Empire---- - - - Mongol----->Mongol Empire------->Asian Empire---- - - - L-------->Yuan Korean states---->Korea(高麗)---->Korea(李氏朝鮮) L----------->Korea<----------------North/South Korea
  4. all nations live in modern world---> United Nations!! Aliens' Earth Invation Force--->United Earth of Alien. Poland---------------------------------->Lukaz Jakowski Empire--->Age of Civilizations : p
  5. For America,it can be: 13colonies--------\ I------------------->Unired states of America------>American Empire(includes all north american countries) any states--------/ ↑ confederation states-------------------/ Mexico----------->Mexican Empire Cenatral American countries--->United Central states. caribbean countries--------->Caribbean Empire<---------------pirates Republic(is this a T
  6. and how about adding this? brandenburg I United------->brandenburg=prussia I teutonic order Weimar Repulic------------->Third German Empire(1939)------------------->Großgermanisches Reich(New order)------------------->Großgermanisches Reich(The man in the high castle)
  7. I have asuggestion 日本: 徳川家 Tokugawa->江戸幕府 Shogunate of Edo. ----+. I --------->大日本帝国 Japanese Empire<----------日本国Japan. 他大名 other clan ->日本幕府 Shogunate of Japan--+. 大日本帝国 Japanese Empire-----------------------------> 大東亜帝国 Great East Asia Empire--------------------------------->大亜細亜帝国 Great Asia Empire
  8. Is there system of penalty when troops crossing river or mountains? for example crossing river-> +30%diffensebounus on enemy Fortress->+50%diffensebounus on enemy etc.)
  9. is there an AI that Spain, France or Great Britain very often colonize America?
  10. Wow looks so nice that i cannt waiting for it!! well is 1444 scenario corresponded to EU4's DLC"Emperor"?
  11. When ths mod released? 製作頑張ってください!!
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