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  1. I had no trouble making ir editing regions and terrains i think most bugs are on android
  2. That what happens when android got rushed and came out buggy as hell But people could not wait
  3. All of them worked fine for me expect control province
  4. brejas

    Core editor bug

    So i found this bug which is very annoying Bassiacly lets say on a province that borders a country u want to make them have a core it does not work it only lowers the population I think this is because there are already some %pop there but its imposibble to change that number
  5. Adding workshop would help with those retards that keep spamming for łukasz to add scenarios cause they dont know how to install them as for multiplayer it would make the community closer together as i did not run into any bugs expect for with adding cores in editor
  6. brejas

    New units types

    I think the only units needed are land air and naval to keep it simple but make it possible to mod diffrent units
  7. Im working on the first scenario for my Moar provinces mod here is a preview
  8. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    Finished doing north Scotland 74 provinces (sry for the inactivity in updates i didnt have much free time)
  9. i feel like the techology u get from spending should be nerfed by about 80% and then buff buildings and make it so bordering a country that has higher techonlogy then u will give u technology
  10. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    After im finished with Scotland
  11. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    South of Scotland 49 Provinces
  12. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    https://strawpoll.com/h5pb434r What area I should do after finishing Scotland answer in the strawpoll
  13. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    Im gonna put an early download when i finish doing the British Isles
  14. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    No im doing my own provinces
  15. brejas

    MOAR provinces mod

    Northumbria 49 Provinces
  16. I think you should try to get at least 100 provinces before u release it
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